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Planning Your Move

Booking your move wtih Aether Movers
Step 1

Use our quick quote tool to the right to quickly gain a rough idea of cost envolved in the removal, packing and/or storage of your possessions.

Step 2

One of our Removal Technicians will come round meet you, answer any questions and to fully assess your unique move requirements.

Step 3

We will complete and formalise your quote.

Step 4

Once you are happy with your quote we will book in your move. We recommend our clients be promt as we can get very busy, especially in the summer months.

Step 5

That's it. The next time we see you we will be moving the contents of your house to their new destination.

Important things to remember when moving

If you have opted to pack yourselves remember not to overfill the boxes or containers. Be sure that the box being filled is a sturdy one. We can supply you with packing materials.

We recommend that all important documents such as your passport, driving licence, bank cards etc, be kept close to hand in a well marked container. Once stacked onto the lorry, these items can be very hard to access in an emergency.

Washing machines should be disconnected and well drained before your move. Your fridge and freezer should also be fully defrosted - these items should not be plugged back in for at least a few hours to allow the gasses within them to settle.

Any large items of furniture such as beds and wardrobes will invariably need dismantling before they are removed. Be sure to allow yourself time to do this and that you do not lose any of the small pieces. Our top tip here is to wrap the nuts, bolts and screws in sticky tape and attach them to the dismantled funiture.

Pot plants can be tricky to move and are generally the last thing to be place onto the lorry. Please ensure that all pots are well wrapped to prevent any spillage of soil or water.

Before you leave don't forget to take any final meter readings and notify you utility providers. Any such utilities - gas, water, etc, should be turned off before leaving.

When you arrive at your new residence be sure to read the meters there and inform your new suppliers before using any of their services.

Some frequently asked questions
How much is my move going to cost?

The price of a move varies dramatically from job to job. Aether Movers prices are extremely competitive and we tailor each move to the exact requirements of the customer. However you can use our quick quote tool to the right to quickly revieve a ball park figure.

What removals vehicles do you use ?

Our fleet is mostly made up of Luton vans and 7.5 tonne lorries. We will determine which vehicle is necessary for your job to complete the job as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Who is responsible for parking?

Parking is the resposibilty of the customer. If you live on a metered street it is defiantely a good diea to give the council a ring and make arrangements for our removal vehicle.

The London Removals Specialists

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